Sunday, June 3, 2007

Phew... what a vacation. After driving 2400 miles (Yes, 2400 miles) from Atlanta to Washington DC then to New York City, then to Niagara Falls and back to Atlanta, I am back. But no regrets as I love to drive.

I witnessed a rare event at DC: Rolling Thunder. It's a motorcycle rally that is organized by a private group. In this rally, on memorial day, people all around the United States come to DC to honor the fallen heroes in various wars. I watched for 15 minutes but the line of motorcycles never ended and I moved on but I could hear the roar of Harleys for many hours. BTW, it was too hot in DC and I was sweating like a dog but thank god that I was there only for two days. Here are some pics and a small rolling thunder video.

NY was great as always. This was my third visit to NY but first with family. Three days of tiring family fun. Here are some pics.

Best of all was the Niagara Falls. It's so massive that you feel extremely tiny in front of nature let alone conquering it. I would have loved to see from Canada side but due to Visa issues I could not leave US and so could only see from American side :-( In the night it looks fabulous. Here are some pics and a night video.

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